At the book centre, we offer a huge range of books for every age and every taste.

Kids Books

We stock a large range of kids’ books, perfect for any occasion. It is so important to get your kids interested in reading. With all the new technology out today, it can be forgotten. Here are some of the key benefits your child gains by reading books;

  • Winding down – This can be great for kids who are very active, it can aid as wind down time before bed. It is also perfect for when you are waiting, eg. At the doctors. This way they can keep themselves entertained (and keep quiet!)
  • Speech Skills – When your child reads a book, they are learning new words, new ways to structure sentences. You will hear your child’s speech improve a lot when they start reading more and more.
  • Spelling – It makes sense that the more your child looks at words and their spelling, the more they will stick in their heads. It is such an important skill for a kid to have – one that will be used throughout their whole life.
  • Communication Skills – Children learn by example. Have a look at the books your children read, or at least read a synopsis. Books aimed at kids usually feature good natured children – who are good at expressing themselves in a healthy way. Much of the time, they are learning a life lesson along the way. This has shown that when a child faces a difficulty, they are better equipped to deal with it.
  • Knowledge – Your child picks up so much information when reading books. This can range from geography, to history, to general knowledge. Even if they do not feel like they are “learning” – they retain a huge amount of information at this age, they are like sponges.
  • School Preparation – Studies have shown that children who start reading preschool, have a huge advantage when they do start. It is never too early to start reading with your kids. Even if they cannot read themselves, pick out a bedtime story and let them see the words as you say them out loud.

We cater for all tastes and ages in our kids book section.
There are several box–sets for the avid reader or collector.
These make perfect gifts and will be well received by parents.
We supply the old classics by authors like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, to newer authors like David Walliams & Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Our teenage section has more advanced novels, with popular choices being Jacqueline Wilson, Twilight series and so on.

Adult Books

There is literally something to suit every taste in our bookshop. We have a large range in store, and if there is something you want but we don’t have, we will order it in for you. Our best sellers section is always up to date, and we are more than happy to recommend something for you.

We also supply a practical range of books;

  • Dictionaries

  • Driving Maps

  • Local Walking Maps

  • Ordinance Survey Maps

Some of our most popular genres are:

  • Crime

  • Humour / Comedy

  • Mystery / Thriller

  • Religion

  • Horror

  • Self Help Books

  • Art

  • Sports

  • History

  • Travel Guides

  • Poetry

  • Food / Drink

  • Irish Theatre

  • Cookery Books

  • Biography

  • Crafts

  • Young Adult

  • Hobbies

  • Business literature

  • Self - Learning books

  • Romance Novels / Chick Lit

  • Fiction

  • Music

  • Non Fiction

  • Gardening

  • Paranormal